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February 16, 2015


9th March 2017

We are currently going through a change in workshop staff which means a period of recruitment and training. Unfortunately, this means there is currently a halt on all new orders while outstanding ones will be fulfilled in a timely manor. Many thanks for your patience during this time of transition and I will post news and stock updates as soon as we are back up and running again.




'At Bawzprops, we are passionate about prop-making and absolutely crazy about Dredd. We currently hold a huge collection of screen used Dredd costumes, props and masters, which we use this to recreate the most accurate Dredd props and costume parts available.'

This shop was set up for Citizens who want to become Judges or folk who just love Dredd and want a little piece of movie history. This journey began with me nearly two years ago after I saw Dredd in the cinema and it blew me away. Being a life long reader of Judge Dredd, it just hit all the right notes and Karl Urban just nailed the Dredd character.  A couple of months later I was musing on Facebook that I would love a helmet from the movie and a friend mentioned that there were a couple of costume groups starting up and would probably find one there. So, I signed up to the Brit-Cit Judges (British Judge Group) and The Judge Dredd Costume Group (US based) on the hunt for Dredd helmet. What I found was an amazing group of costumers, prop-makers and great folk all striving to make complete costumes. I was hooked immediately and set about putting my own costume together and thats what got me started making Dredd props. After making props professionally for over 22 years I put a team together of very talented people and Bawzprops was born

Over the last couple of years, we have been incredibly fortunate to have a lot of help and access to amazing source material/info as well as the opportunity to build the huge collection of screen used props and costumes I have in my collection today. Since getting into my Dredd costume and going to shows (after a break of many years, I'm 41 with kids), I've had amazing times and met loads of people who I now call friends. If you are thinking about putting a costume together, just do it! You will not regret it for one minute after you hit your first show.

What you see in the store is just the start, I have loads being produced right now and will be available very soon so keep looking in!

All for now, see you on patrol Judges.


Lee Fields
Lee Fields