Master Series Boot Armour

March 30, 2015


9th March 2017

We are currently going through a change in workshop staff which means a period of recruitment and training. Unfortunately, this means there is currently a halt on all new orders while outstanding ones will be fulfilled in a timely manor. Many thanks for your patience during this time of transition and I will post news and stock updates as soon as we are back up and running again.




'At Bawzprops, we are passionate about prop-making and absolutely crazy about Dredd. We currently hold a huge collection of screen used Dredd costumes, props and masters, which we use this to recreate the most accurate Dredd props and costume parts available.'

Master Series female and male individual boot parts have been added as well as a complete boot set deal with multiple options to fit different size boots. We have parts that will fit every size and style of boot to help make your perp stompers look like they came straight out of the movie.


Lee Fields
Lee Fields