Lawgiver in featured picture is of prototype

Dredd 2012 Master Series Lawgiver MKII Mastered from film production 3D print files and actual production prop/parts. This has been nearly a year in development and was created using our in-house 3D printers and screen cast parts to recreate the most accurate Lawgiver to hit the market. Its taken this long because we wanted include electronics kits and wanted get it right.

The first to released is a semi solid kit that can be very easily upgraded to an electronic version with working screen and sound produced by Tek-Division in the US. This upgrade can be carried out by swapping the separate screen bezel, speaker mount, two small catches and drilling 3 small holes for wires. We will supply the gun as standard with the option to purchase the kit at a later stage, or as a complete and electronics kit ready.

A bit later, we will release a full airsoft/practical version made exactly like the real version seen firing in the film. This is mostly made out of Aluminium sheet/shaped parts and CNC Aluminium blocks, with the appropriate resin and 3D printed parts. This will also function with a modified Tek-Divison screen to create THE ultimate Lawgiver.


The whole gun has been designed from the ground up to be VERY tough and virtually finished out of the box. metal fixing points drilled into and bonded into the main receiver mean that all the metal parts/sights screw straight into the gun. The other swap out parts are recessed and easily located into position with no fuss

  • Main receiver, blank screen bezel and magazine is cast in a specialised black ABS like PU casting resin (not Fast Cast) that is super high strength. Magazine comes installed with rare earth magnets and is designed to take the battery to run electronics.
  • Barrel, heat shield, dust cover are all metal and created in the same way as the film versions, right down to the way they are fixed to the gun
  • Serial plate, electronic screen bezel, sights and front mag release are all SLA 3D printed in black to the same standard as the film parts

The gun will be black in colour with metal parts in bare Aluminium. UK sales will be provided in a manor that satisfies the VCRA bill. Accurate painting guide and instructions will be provided.

All items are shipped using a tracked and insured service.


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